Wix Pro Gallery errors when connected to dataset

Hi there,

I have a Wix Pro Gallery populated by a dataset. When displayed on the page, there are frequently errors in what is displayed: items are displayed multiple times, images are missing, items redirect to the wrong links. Sometimes refreshing the page fixes some or all of the errors, but not always. I have tried viewing the page in Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, and have the same problems regardless.

Here is the page:


Perhaps a separate problem, but the left arrow for scrolling through the gallery is also glitchy, and sometimes does nothing when clicked (or has to be clicked multiple times to advance).

Has anyone dealt with this or similar problems?



I used the methods in those articles when setting up my page. I do not know why I am having errors such as repeated or missing items in the gallery, as I described.

I was able to identify the problem–there was duplicated and missing data in my Live dataset that was not present in my Sandbox dataset. I was able to manually edit the live dataset to rectify the problem.