Wix Restaurant More detailed edit should be accessible

I’m currently having trouble with the checkout process in Wix restaurant solution. I’ve done every works now I just had to make a test purchase as the indicator also says. But when I try to checkout the checkout button is not click-able nor “add order note”. And there is no way to edit, or make change to this due to change to this is inaccessible using wix editor(unline Wix store which is able to make change to everything up to checkout process page, design etc). It worked fine for other websites I have but this one site is not working properly, need immediate support on this.

Heres website URL

@user590 If you’re experiencing a bug or an issue, check our Known Issues page or status.wix.com and follow the issue. (You’ll be notified when it’s resolved.)

If you don’t see it in either of those places, report it via Customer Care. (You’ll be able to track the progress of your ticket through your Wix Studio Workspace. If you’re not sure it’s an issue, share what you’re experiencing, and let’s discuss it.

Also, I have seen this in the past. Be sure that the test order is during restaurant open hours. You may also want to check your order settings as well if it’s a scheduled order test.