Wix Stores Scheduled Sales

I have submitted this before but I like to resubmit this pretty much every holiday cause it’s incredibly important and the current process is frustrating.

For Ecommerce stores, holiday sales are very important and there are a lot of holidays like Easter, Black Friday, Christmas, Etc. For most sales, they will start at midnight and with Wix, we are required to have an admin stay up until that local time to start the sale. We need a way to schedule sales. This would need to have a start date/time and end date/time. It would also be helpful to have this option for the ribbon as well. This could be used for sales and when an item is new you could add a tag and have it automatically be removed after a month or something like that.

This is getting worse for us as we are managing and maintaining more sites for our clients. Having a developer on my team stay up until that time is unfair to them so it usually falls on me.

Hi Cody! I actually added this one to the top of the request lists you shared. I understand how important it is. Like I’ve mentioned before, I’ll be bringing this, and other requests with the PM’s. If I hear any updates, I’ll keep you posted.

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Cody, I did find this blog article that shares some ways that you can create effective sales campaigns during the holiday seasons.

You can check out here .

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