Wix Studio Community

Our Wix Studio communities open a world of opportunities for you to make connections, discover insights, shape the platform and do brilliant things together.

Wix Studio Forum
Since you’re already here, we’ll start off with the Wix Studio community forum.

The forum is the place for you to discuss everything related to Wix Studio, the life of being a creator and more. It’s the place to connect with others, inspire, get inspired, share your feedback, grow and support each other.

So, whether you want to learn more about how to structure a site, or want to get inspired to take your business to the next level, the forum is the go to place.

Community events
As a community team, we’re huge believers that the connections you make with people in person often lead to incredible success stories, like collaboration and life long friendships.

We want our community events to be driven by the community. This is your time to shine. Our local communities bring people together at events, education sessions and get togethers.

We’re super excited for you to start making new connections and can’t wait to hear all the success stories that you begin to share.

Making an impact
With Wix Studio, you’re able to impact the platform in more meaningful ways. We have a dedicated area of the forum to share your feedback, whether you loved a webinar and how in depth it went, or that you’ve been struggling to understand how to set something up on your site. This is the area to make your voice heard (and trust me when I say we’re listening to all the feedback you share).

We’re also introducing new ways to make an impact, and I know this has been requested for a long time, but we have a product roadmap available for you to keep up to date with all the new features coming. This is huge!

And what’s better, is you’ll soon have the ability to share all the feature requests you want to see added to Wix Studio, and follow the progress of those requests. This is a game changer for seeing that your voice matters.

This is just the beginning. We’re on a journey together and we can’t wait to see the incredible things you all do.