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Site Style Text Scaling

What current pain point are you facing?
Every single text element needs to have a scaling setting applied to it. When you’re doing this for all 3 breakpoints as well, that would be 12 manual setting adjustments for just 4 text elements. I now have at least 40 text elements on my homepage alone.

While you can use the copy property tool, this still leaves all those settings in place per individual item and then needs to be applied on any new text elements added.

Do you have a current workaround that you’re using?
Just manually applying settings and copying text elements from previously styled ones instead of adding new text elements when creating pages.

Describe the feature you need and how it would work. (Bonus points for mockups :wink:)
Within the typography section of the site styling, next to where the text scaling switch is, there should be a min-max for all breakpoints, then an optional advanced section for default scaling sizes per breakpoint for that h/p type.

How will this impact you?
Quicker, cleaner-looking sites with no odd mismatched text. Far less manual work.

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@Breakscape I definitely could see this being useful! Thanks for including the example of the text on your home page as well! Just curious, when you set the text to Scale Text: Auto (without setting a min/max), do you find that the text will go too large or too small within that breakpoint?

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Hi Pamela, thanks for replying so quickly.

Yes, that was what brought me to this actually. When using Studio’s new auto-scaling, there aren’t any upper or lower bounds. So on bigger screens, the text is ridiculously large and crashes into other elements. Then at the small scale, it’s so tiny (this is a big issue for buttons too) that you can barely see it.

Once adjusted it all works, but that required much more effort and time compared to Editor X, which already had a good text scaling system, both for manual and auto.

Sidenote, I actually think all of Studio’s auto-scaling is actually more of a pain to work with compared to Editor X. Element scaling is now unpredictable and tedious to control.

I’m coming from Webflow and not having the ability to set default scaling for site typography styles is a big pain. I believe this is the right feature request to upvote if anyone else is running into these issues: Studio Editor Request: More Text Properties in Site Styles | Help Center | Wix.com

:star: I think you will be happy about this update. Check it out!


Wow, that’s great news! Now I can switch scaling text back on. Thank you very much for listening to the request and passing it on to the dev team, and please pass on my thanks to them too!