Wix Video API control

After finding that I can only upload a 250mb video to Wix Ive decided to try and work through the other video elements that use Youtube. My only problem is there is hardly any API to control these elements. I need to be able to have the user click from a list the video they want to watch and then that specific URL is loaded into the player and automatically played. I would hate to create links for them to follow to Youtube because I dont want the user to leave the site if not needed.

any help would be appreciated. still new to this.

You can use the a video element and using code, change the src to the URL of the video you want to display, you can’t play the video automatically, the users will have to click it in order to start the video.
Another option is to use an iframe, using messaging you can send the relevant URL to the iframe and automatically play it (with javascript code).

Good luck :slight_smile: