Wix video - collection access?

Is there any news on when Video in WIX VIDEOs (not the media library) will be open as a collection?

I appreciate WIX VIDEO wraps some protection around the content…

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I’m not sure what you mean by collection access. Do you want a contributor to have access or a public facing link? Looking forward to hearing more details. :blush:

Sorry - Have WIX VIDEO Channels and Videos availble as a collection in Corvid - For use on a repeater page for example (a video per dynamic page from the collection).

Instead of creating a collection with videos from the Media Manager

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Hi, it’s in progress. We aim to roll out contributor access by the end of November, will update in this forum when we do.

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Thank you @danielle-raiz-wix - Is end of November for Corvid Access to WIX VIDEO or allowing Admin and Website Manager contributors to configure the WIX VIDEO elements (selct the video or channels to show)?

Right now, admin contributors are locked out of WIX VIDEO and Website Managers can only use the VIDEO tab in the dashboard NOT configure the WIX VIDEO elements.

We’re only talking about contributors. Corvid access to WixVideo isn’t planned at the moment, since much of the functionality is available via the regular video player.

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OK. We were hoping to create a dynamic page (or use a router) to show individual videos from a channel for a particular need.

As it is we have created a fresh collection with all the videos in it using a router approach.

Can i send you a direct note to explain the use case further?