Word Wrap User Entry Text Boxes

Dear Wix guru’s,

See the page here to get an idea of the confusion that is the Wix instructions: “Terry, why are you so critical?” Because I write User Online Help Files and I am a technical writer for over 35 years, so my eyes and brain work by spotting holes in instructions, or what “appear” to be holes to a user’s reading and understanding. I see things as needing to be definitive yes/no instructions. So when I see/hear/feel and issue I bring it to the engineers attention:

Hence the following discrepancy:

Text Box
Text boxes are used for entering or editing large amounts of text, including multiline text. Text boxes can connect to Text and Number fields.

As you can see, this is not true. There is no wix element that lets a user enter “large amounts of text” in a multiline environment. IF THERE IS please tell me WHICH user input element does this.

You will also note, that the very text box I am typing in now is exactly what I am needing for my website, just with a 3-500 character limit is all. That is to say, I just need a text box, via php code or whatever, that allows word wrap in a data entry box. Otherwise, entering all the text into a single line user input box is bogus. Wouldn’t you obviously agree? And yes if this means a feature enhancement for the Wix site then make it so because it seems pretty obvious to me. I mean, in other sites on the Wix platform, arent there a ton of people who need this? How can visitors to websites leave sufficient comments in a text box that DOESNT word wrap as they type?


Any follow up to this? Also hoping for a more reasonable text box that allows word wrap …

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we are working on a rich text input element. It is working, but a bit buggy to be released. We hope to have it released soon.

In fact, it is a simplified version of the same text editor we use here in the forum :slight_smile:

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Any update on this? I would like to add a personal bio section on a Wix form and need the text to wrap to multiple lines.

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