100vh still scrolling?

I’m new to EditorX, this feels like such a silly question but I can’t figure it out at all. Can’t seem to find anything similar when searching the forums.

I’m making a landing page, just made up of a single section, and set the height to 100vh, but the page is still bigger than the actual browser window size, so it’s still scrolling? The footer and header for the page are disabled. I’ve tried setting the min and max height to 100vh, checked that my grid has no fixed px values and changed them to fractions or percentages, tried using three different sections with 10, 80, 10 vh respectively but I’m still having this problem.

Am I mistaking something? I thought 100vh would mean the page will adjust itself to be the size of the viewport window, so how come it’s bigger? This is driving me nuts, cos it seems like such a basic thing I can’t get to work.


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You don’t mention how much the page is scrolling, but is it perhaps scrolling exactly the amount of the Editor X banner? Even though you’ve removed your own header, the Editor X banner will occupy header space until you publish with a premium plan.

Oh, that’s possible. Hopefully that’s the case then, and it won’t be a problem after the premium. Thanks

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@lisahasnul99 For now you can use the Calculation tool and set the height of your section to 100vh - 50px. This way, it won’t scroll even if the banner is visible.