Access the Mobile Site on OLDER PCs

Our new site was developed with the newer “landscape” style PC Monitors (16:9).
For example 1600 X 960.

During development we tested on older 4:3 PC monitors at 1280x1024 to make sure pages would display properly.

Now that we have launched the site, we have had almost 7000 visitors in the first month of operation. With that we have had TWO users that simply could not access portions of the site only to learn that they were running very old PCs at 1024x768 resolution.

Since we developed a MOBILE version of the site, it would be nice if we could just tell these few users to access the mobile version.

If this has already been done, please tell me how to do it.


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Hi @cwvega76 ,
could you please attach your site URL so we’ll have a look?

Wix support already told me it is not possible to access the Mobile site on a desktop. I am not going to sacrifice layout for the few 15 year old PCs