Add gradients to container boxes

Is this currently an existing feature request?

Wishlist item
Gradient Backgrounds for Container Boxes

What current pain point are you facing?
At the moment there is no option to use color gradients as the background for container boxes.

Do you have a current workaround that you’re using?
The current workaround is to create a gradient in another program and aplly it to the container as an image. This is not ideal.

Describe the feature you need and how it would work. (Bonus points for mockups :wink:)
In the background selection for container boxes, add the color gradient option. This is an addition to the existing solid color option.

How will this impact you?
This will allow for more consistent theming across the website, as well as consistent coloring and added ease of use.


@Gabriele_Ballerio I definitely see how the workaround isn’t ideal! Be sure to submit this as a feature request!

This is a space to discuss ideas. Topics created here are not official feature requests.
Head on over to the Product Roadmap and click the ‘Request a Feature’ button.

This is a no-brainer. The functionality exists at the section level and should exist for every object that leverages the color palette.

@Gabriele_Ballerio @Dominic-R Looks like we do already have a current feature request for this! Be sure to submit your vote for it!
Studio Editor Request: Using Gradients as Element Backgrounds
As of now, there is no time frame but if you vote for it, if/when it becomes available you will be notified via email.