Beta Opened: Draft & Publish System for Content Manager

You can now utilize the Draft & Publish system to manage the visibility of content on the live site by toggling the status of “Draft” or “Published”. This is manageable in the Content Manager.

What value does the Content Manager provide?
Agencies and professionals want to provide their customers with limited access to the Business Manager (with no access to the Editor) so that the customer can still edit the site’s content without the risk of ruining the design. The Content manager allows handing over a site to the client where they will be able to update the page’s content in the Business manager.

What is the Draft & Publish System?
The Draft & Published system allows managing the visibility of content on the live site by selecting statuses “Draft” or “Published” for items. And even more, users will be able to set the schedule when an item should be published or hidden on the site.

What is the Content manager & Dynamic Content?
The Content manager allows users to design and manage powerful dynamic websites without the need to mess with design and code.
The Content manager provides users with content collections that can be connected to various elements in the Editor to display content on a site or receive form submissions.

Why it’s cool?
Content contributors need a publishing flow that’s separate from the site flow. They need to be able to draft collection items and schedule when they’ll go live.

Content Manager Resource Videos:
What Is a Collection? (less than 2 mins)
Get to Know the Content Manager (less than 2 mins)



I know it’s probably been in the works for a while, but it was only the other week I was looking for a feature like this. Does exactly what I need it to do!

This is an excellent feature!!!
It really helps when a site is evolving and there are different people working on uploading content.
Published/not published is much more efficient than live/sandbox. Now the sandbox is almost redundant and its much less confusing.

I would love to see this ability expand to allow for scheduling to unpublish an item as well. I have had to use Velo to achieve this functionality before but we have had multiple clients that use databases to show things like coupons, etc. and after a specific date, it needs to be removed.

I would also love to see this publishing scheduling system expand to the site itself and individual sections. It would be great if we could use scheduling to hide a section and then show a section after a certain date or vise versa.


This would be a great addition.

I know that there is Velo code to have this scheduled to happen at set times -

But for those clients that need the information to clear at a set time, this feature would be great.

I also love the idea of being able to schedule the publishing of a new page. That would be a pretty neat feature

Hi just setting this up for a client now. If you have published content and then check the draft box, it doesn’t go back to draft, even after I save and republish the site? Might be good if it did do this. I have a display/dont display field but thought it might be a good idea, unless I am missing something :slight_smile:

This sounds great !
I may have miss something, but we can’t import data with value in the new “publish date” column of the database.
I wanted to import multiple items, and schedule each item to be published on different day.
I can manually schedule an item using the “status” column, but it seems we can’t import data with values in the “publish date” field.
The three columns “status”, “publish date” and “unpublished date” aren’t available on import. For large scheduling process, it would be nice to have this import function for the dates fields.
Hope this is clear, and sorry for any mistake as I am not a native english speaker.