BETA Unlocked: Upload Icons to the Mobile Quick Action Bar!

With this feature, if you choose to add a custom action, you’ll be able to select an icon from a list we’ll be providing.

Additionally, you’ll be able to upload icons (one-color SVG) and change their colors.

Click here to access the beta.

As always, test it out and share your feedback in the comments section below. @idan-cohen and the team look forward to your responses!




Will be perfect for a project I just launched this week! Thanks.


Pure awesomeness! Looks fantastic on my clients site. Thank you.


I wish to know how can I have this beta function, because I already sold more than 5 sites here, and my support is very uncomplete… Many functions that here I can find, it’s not possible to apply on my partner accont… Its just because I’m from Brazil?
When I press " Click here to access the beta." It goes to a 401 page not found…

Hi there, can you provide me with the email address of your partner account?

Hola aparece error 401 en la version beta tienen algun link que este bueno

Error 401

I like the idea of this update but I wish that there were more icons available, like social media or email or phone icons. Currently for these common icons you can only have Black & White, Greyscale or ‘Coloured’ in which you cannot select your branding colours. The new icons that are available are not so useful.

me pasa lo mismo con el link me sale error 401 mi mail es

You can upload any icon you want and color it! So for example look for phone icon (svg file), upload it and click change color.

It’s very useful, but I don’t see it in my editor even though I’m a wix partner. any ideas why?

Unable to access or set up the beta in mobile, get 404 error message, I’m a Wix partner, can you help please. Thanks

Can you please send here or to my email a screenshot of what you see?
It is opened to all wix users now so you should see it

iHi, the feature is opened to all Wix users now so you should see it in the mobile editor: Quick Action Bar → custom action → change icon

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I found it. Thanks Idan