BETA UNLOCKED: New Media Manager!

You all have been asking… WELL WE ANSWERED!
Here is how to access:
Open your media manager via editor by adding an image/video/audio/document
What’s there:

  1. Work more efficiently than ever with sub-folders, file tags and drag & drop capabilities.
  2. New useful features like Favorites and Trash.
  3. Improved search and filters to help you find what you need.
  4. Site based Media Manager - everyone works on the same files.

Beta Announcement:

You can see watch the round table here:



What I See , What it does, makes me very happy !!!


I love everything about it except — I may be missing something — that I have to organize the files in every account. What I did from one account did not carry over to another. So when I made a folder for another website and then when into that site media to upload another images 1) the file was nowhere to be found and 2) all the images that I organized into files are a) not visible and b) in the trash can.

Is there a master location to organize all files?

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I love the new media manager

Very nice media! :slight_smile: But when I put the pictures into the folders I’ve made and close the media again, next time I open the media the folders are empty and the pictures are in the “site files”.

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Hey- the New media manager is site based so you can manager your files per site (folders, subfolders etc). If you want to use a file/folders you upload for a site in another site, you can do that by Upload media > My Wix sites.


Hey, I’m not sure I fully understood the flow that you describe. Did you upload an image to a site and didn’t see it again when re-opened the media manager for this site?


@yaaraa Hi again - thanks for your quick response :slight_smile:
The website is
When I moved the pictures from “site files” into a folder I’ve created “Arrangementer” the pictures suddenly disappeared the day after. The folder was there still but the pictures was back in the “site files” and not in the folder “Arrangementer”.

Now I have moved the pictures back into the folder “Arrangementer” and this time it seems to work. :slight_smile:

@magnusgravenhorst Happy to hear that it works!

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I really like the new media manager and thank you for leading its development, Yaaraa. A HUGE improvement. 2 Items. 1st not all of my accounts are on it, so it is somewhat confusing., More importantly, it would be great if when you return from adding media to a page the default return is to the file folder that was most recently used or better to set the primary file folder for each session . This way we don’t need to keep navigating the folder tree to get to the media for a particular web site.

One other item. I’m not sure this is in your wheelhouse so maybe it doesn’t apply but… the new media manager field in the DB collections is wonderful. I have a lot of clients that need this functionality. but I would like to have the ability to upload groups of files from a form to the DB. Is this coming soon?


@yaaraa <3 Great Feedback!

@yaaraa Just to clarify “New media manager is site based” before I begin actions:

I have website ABC and website XYZ

If I am working in website ABC and go to upload new media and see website XYZ folder, I can send website XYZ folder to the trash because website XYZ folder is not relavant to website ABC.

Because it is website based, I than am able to go into website XYZ editor and still see my media folder for website XYZ - correct?

Hmm… it would be nice if we could also have account folders for files we commonly use across multiple sites. Eg. Social icons or a Logos folder - I use a lot of these same files across multiple sites


@magnusgravenhorst The same thing happened to me! I kept fiddling around. Then they magically appeared again. Not sure what I did different :thinking:

So, in general, loving the new possibilities the new media offers. But here are a few things that I’ve noticed while working with it:

  1. When working on a site, I add->images->my images->media manager opens and all of my site folders are there despite clicking on site files… so perhaps it’s a glitch?
  2. It would be great that if I upload one image and add it to my site, when coming back to the media manager, I would be redirected to the folder I was using beforehand. Right now I’m coming back to having all of my folders appear.
  3. Using add->images->my images->media manager, I can view both image folders and vector folders, but when trying to choose a vector file, it prompts that only images can be selected… then why do we see the vector files? (and vice versa when adding a vector file) If we can only upload an image, I believe only the images should be viewed. I find this matter a little confusing.
  4. Because in the previous media manager I had a folder for images and a folder for vector files for each site, I now see both folders together in the media manager. So if I understand correctly, I should move one folder into the other, so as to keep only one main one?


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@d-koder-marketing You are correct :slight_smile:

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Hi Anat, will try to answer all of your questions:

  1. If you opened one of your old site (created before getting the new media manager), you will see ALL of your old files under site files. Feel free to move to trash file and folders that you don’t need for this site. Keep in mind that the new media manager is site based, so other sites won’t be affected.
  2. Great idea, I will add it to our lists :slight_smile:
  3. The new media manager shows you all of your files in the same place - unlike the old one. We wanted to allow you to organise your files together in the same view. You can always use the filter in the top right if you want to see images only.
  4. You don’t have to change anything in your folder structure. As you understood correctly every time you would open the media manager you would see the same folders and files under Site files.
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I’m not sure I fully understand you first item - what do you mean by ‘accounts’? ‘clients’?
In the process of transferring to the new media manager - for sites in which you are the only user (no contributors) you should see ALL your old files and folders under ‘site files’.
for site with contributors you should see only files that were under old ‘site media’.
Keep in mind that the new media manager is site based so feel free to move to trash files/folders that you don’t need in this site - as other sited won’t be affected.

Regarding your second question - @brett-haralson I would need you help here with figuring out who is the person that can provide the answer :slight_smile:


@yaaraa Toda Raba!
Will try to implement all the things you said to make work more streamlined :slight_smile:

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I am having a glitch uploading media from one site to a new site. It seems to happen very consistently. But basically, they’re not uploading:

  1. I go to add a new image or video: I select “+upload media”, I select “My Wix Sites”, I import files from the selected “My Wix Sites” folder, they upload, I receive confirmation they’ve all uploaded, I can even add one of the images to the page, but when I go back to my media folder the files are all gone from “My Site Files”

  2. Instead of adding a new image/video directly to the page, let’s say I select “Page Background” and attempt to “change background” and then go through the steps of importing media, the same thing happens above - It uploads. I change the image or video. I then re-open the media folder and there are no files in “Site Files.”

I fixed this once before… I’m not sure how. I’ve tried everything I can think of. Any ideas?

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