BETA Unlocked: Site Level Billing & Domain Manager Roles

Good day everyone! We’re back with a brand new #BetaUnlocked.

Site Level Billing & Domain Manager Roles

What access do these permissions grant?

  • When you invite a contributor to become a Domain Manager , you grant them permission to connect a domain to your site and manage DNS records for your domain.

  • When you invite a contributor to become a Billing Manager , you grant them permissions to upgrade a site and manage premium subscriptions and payment methods for the site. Additionally, you’ll grand them the domain manager permissions listed above.

Once your contributor has a Billing Manager role, you can grant each other permission to securely use payment methods added by either party, eliminating the need for partners to pay for their clients’ subscriptions or transmit sensitive payment information over the phone or email.

To access these permissions:

  1. On your site dashboard, go to Settings > Roles & Permissions

  2. Click Invite People , enter the contributor’s email address and select the role you want to grant, and Send Invite .

  3. When your contributor accepts, you’re all set.

  4. Your Billing Manager can now add a payment method to make purchases and give you permission to use it.

  5. To grant payment method permissions, the owner of the payment method may go to Payment Methods , click Manage Permissions , and follow the instructions to grant site owners (or anyone with a Billing Manager role) permission to use the payment method for purchases for the site.

To access this feature, visit your partner dashboard or click here to be redirected there.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback, please leave them in the comments section below. @lironbd and the team look forward to your responses.


Finally! " Yo! handle your own billing, client"


Boom that’s what I am talking about :slight_smile:




Thank you, this has been a long time coming is is hugely appreciated!


Great feature!

It will be great to add the option in “Admin” and “Website Manager” roles to add site contributor as the “Billing & Domain Manager on Site Level” - This will help all. Thanks.

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Thanks for the feedback!
You can assign a contributor multiple roles, meaning you can assign Admin role AND Billing Manager/Domain Manager roles. Is that what you are looking for?
Also, we are looking into introducing a new role that will include all permissions, so this is great feedback.


Thanks for your response Liron, I really appreciate it!

I think the solution is in the new role which you have kindly mentioned will include all permissions. Hope this new role will be available soon.


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Got it!
We will sure keep you posted:)


Clients are not able to add banking details to Complete the Setup for Wix Payments when added onto this role.

Is that something that’s being considered for the “Payments Manager” role? From the description, it does seem to imply that it is.

Payments & Finances

  • Configure Payment Settings

  • Can manage account settings, select payment providers and edit personal and bank details.



Hey Matt,

Great question. We recently had a Round Table all about these two new roles.
You can watch it below:

You can also click here , where it shows you the exact process once you assign your client the billing manager role. We also created a resource that walks your client through the process of giving you the authorization to use their payment details to complete an upgrade.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi Matt,

Indeed a great question. This is a known issue - currently, only the owner can access the Wix Payments Dashboard.
There’s work in progress to allow the Payments Manager role to do this as well.



@omerbo thanks for the update!

I have a finished site that is live. I have made the client Billing manager, they have added their payment details and given me permission to use their card. How do I now get them to takeover the Premium subscription that is currently using my card? When I go to ‘Update payment method’ there is no sign of their card. Thank you.

Hi Sara, I’ll forward this to the team. :slight_smile:

Hi Sara,
Thanks for bringing this up, currently saved and shared cards can only be used in the checkout process upon initial purchase.
We are also working on another solution, which is still in progress, to allow the Billing Manager to update the payment method on their end.


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When I heard there was a domain and billing manager role added, I got very excited! Unfortunately, it has not proven useful thus far. But I finally watched some of the round table video which clarified best practices.

What happened for me was I have two clients, both who already “designed” (in a very loose sense of the word) their own Wix site which they’d already published and upgraded to a Premium Business Plan (this happens a lot more than you might think). I always build the new site template in my account and then when it’s done, transfer it to the client’s account. And then walk them through transferring their premium plan/domain. So, I initially assumed the Billing and Domain manager role would allow ME to switch their premium plan from the old site to the new site. But alas, no. I understand now this is really only for purchasing new plans + domains.

That being said, I will definitely use this feature for client’s new to Wix who I need to buy new plans/domains for. Your video and Client pdf is very clear and helpful. In future, I do hope the permissions are expanded for this role. I need to be able to add a domain or premium plan the client already owns. And also, as someone mentioned above, the client needs the ability to complete their account payments setup.

Thank you for your feedback!

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I am happy to inform you that now Billing Manager can assign Premium Plan to another site! The only conditions are:

  1. The Billing manager has Billing permissions on both sites.
  2. The owner of the two sites is the same.
    Thanks :slight_smile:
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Hey Sara,
I am happy to inform you that Billing Managers now can update the payment method for a Premium Plan on their end.
Thanks :slight_smile:

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