Beta Opened: New Contributor Role: Website Manager!

What IS THIS!?
This is a new role that Wix created just for web professionals (Partners!) who build and maintain sites. Now you can use all the functionality you need to build the sites but not be exposed to sensitive client information such as contact list, inbox, revenue, & sales. You can set up products and collections but not view orders in stores, for example.

This is now an opened beta for the Partner Community! Huge thanks to @ofirs - Let him know what other permissions you might want this new feature to have! :slight_smile:

Official Beta Link Here


Hi @ofirs , Does this role include connecting the domain? For 95% of my clients I’m adding the google analytics code and connecting the domain for them. I also often update MX records for my client’s email, so if we can have access to the DNS settings that would be amazing.


Hi @let-s-start-design , Currently it does not, but we are definitely working on it.


Thank you.

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Hi @Ofir Shentzer, does this role include access to Wix video to set up videos etc. for clients?

Hi @ninjamonkey Yes it does :slight_smile:

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@ofirs I just ran into a problem with a client that digital downloads for the storefront must be uploaded from the account owner (not contributor), is this also included in the new website manager role?

Basically I’m looking for a role that is able to do EVERYTHING that the owner does, except pay for the Wix premium account …



One of the aspects we would like to limit access to is the “SEO Status” button, which essentially gives the user to turn off indexing for the whole site. Would that be possible?

Hi @websites37778 , this option is available for both the owner and the new website manager role. Feel free to send me additional details on your needs to Thanks!

I don’t understand why this isn’t an option when you ‘Transfer site’, this is where it’s most needed. It’s important to be able to access the domain data once the site is transferred but this is not possible. For me, this is the wrong approach. The only reason I transfer sites is because I don’t want to get stung for the subscription every year, the payment bit is actually the only thing I need to transfer over.




Hi @sara and @deleteduser thank you for you important feedback. We are definitely taking it into account!


As Website Manager will I be able to duplicate the site?


Why doesn’t the “Administrator Roll” have access to video settings? If I change the “administrator” to “website manager” then they have access to video settings, but can’t do invoicing, view contacts or anything the administrator can do. It would be nice if the “Owner Roll” could be more flexible and have the ability to assign permissions to other users as they see fit. The administrator should be able to do everything the owner can do, except delete the website.


Hola mi nombre es luis y soy de chile ¿ esta habilitada esta función para latinoamerica?

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Hola Luis! Bienvenido :slight_smile: Por ahora, solamente está disponible para cuentas de Wix en Inglés.

Thanks for this feedback!

Hi @benm Thank you for your feedback! we keep improving roles and permissions and we’ll definitely take that into account!

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@sheyla gracias por tu respuesta

Hola amigos, hay alguna forma de crear una rutina en código o app que le de la posibilidad a mis partner de subir o enviar documentos a mi mail a traves de mi pagina, hay alguien me podría orientar por favor, saludos.

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