Can I integrate custom payment gateways on Wix?

Hello everyone! I’m from Bahrain
I will create a Wix business account for my online store.
But I want to take the payments by the local payment gateways. I might need to integrate custom/third-party payments gateways / add php/java code.
Can I integrate custom payment gateways? How can I do that on Wix?

no one? :frowning: :frowning: :disappointed_relieved:

So what’s your payment provider

Maybe this helps:

Benefit, Credimax

Please see the docs and build you fully custom checkout page with Velo API

@faisal95bd did you manage to integrate Benefit Pay?

@info99579 nope.
please let me if you find any solutions in future.

Hello i have the same issue , im from india and im looking to integrate worldline as my payment integration, kindly help

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