Can you add a "Loading clock" before the site is fully loaded?

I am trying to use a video on the header of my site. But it doesn’t load every time. I’ll open the site and the video will appear freezed, and many seconds later if so, will end up playing.

Is it posible to place a loading clock before entering the site and release it once its fully loaded ?
Will that solve my problem of the freezing video?

A big thank you in advance!

Hey there

Sadly… no. At least, not manually; you’ll have to use Velo by Wix (formerly ‘Corvid’) to accomplish this. Velo is available for free by turning on ‘Dev Mode’ on the Site Options from the EditorX main menu. You’ll have to get familiar with its API to write custom code.

I do not know how to properly set a loader using Velo –cuz I never tried– and I’m not very familiar with the reference code either, and I warn you there are no illustrative examples for this, but IT IS POSSIBLE since notice how the Example page itself shows a loading animation before it fully loads its contents (and Velo’s website is built using Velo itself).

I found these two threads in the Forum that may help or shed some light above this particular matter; if you have further questions you can use the same Forum to ask them publicly and, hopefully, receive some guidance from Corvid Masters or the Team Members.
True Whole Site Pre-Loader? | Velo by Wix
Pre loader | Velo by Wix

Fair warning: they are old threads –from 2017 or so on– so those codes may not work.
Here is also a video recommended by Tal from the Velo Team.