Can't link categories to open subcategories inside it.

Hello wix code,
Please find the attachment below.I have displayed all the companies list from database using repeaters.Each company having number of posts in it. I am trying to give a link to every company to access their own posts.But I cant do it.Please help me.

Here is All companies lists.

I am trying to give a link to image to access their relates post. But it shows list of companies to select( Which item ?).

My requirement is …

Please see the below attachment.
Whatever I select from the above list. It will redirect to see inside posts in it (like subcategories).
Note: I am not good at English.Please try to get issue from those attachments.
Looking forward to taking a great help from you.

Instead of using the “Settings” panel of the image in your repeater, set the link using the “Connect” button - there you can select the relevant dynamic page that is set to display the right posts.

For more info, please see

Thanks for your replay.
Where can I find the connect button ?

The connect button is the one on the far right.