Code stopped working suddenly on a Form database...

I could really use some Wix code admin help here! I had some page code working perfectly. I tested it on both preview and the live published site. Now… it doesn’t work. I double checked, none of the original code has been altered. It works on Preview. Perfectly. But doesn’t work on the published site.

Basically, people go to this “Submit page,” they pick their favorite image (one of 4) then enter some text and press submit. The code is displaying the images from one database, then once they’ve selected their favorite image (and fill in all other info) and press submit, the code “inserts” the selected image into a new database.

Again, works on the editor preview, but not on the published live site… I’ve checked everything… client wants to launch this project in the next few days… seemed like it was a go. Could really use some Wix guidance! Is this me? Or is there some temporary internal glitch? Permission settings on the image collection??

Help! Pleaseeee XD


Would be glad to help. However, could use a hint as to what site you’re working on. :upside_down_face:


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Haha yes! Of course. Thank you Yisrael. I wasn’t sure best how to share.

Here is the page I’m having the issue with. It displays the default image instead of the images from the “CourageShoes” database and even when I fill in all the options, when I press submit I get the error message:

Thank you for your insight!


Me again. I played with this and I see that checking the render cycle causes the problem. Get rid of it for now and I will try to find out exactly why that is happening.

Good luck,