Creating react components

Hi everyone!

I’ve using Wix over the past three years. Although I didn’t have any coding experience, I was able to learn a lot about building websites and web applications in Wix (now using Editor X) by watching tutorials, browsing forums, and reading Velo documentation. As someone without a developer background, I’ve found the platform to be incredibly valuable, allowing me to create mini applications for my company and even build a new company around a Webapp that I am programming with Editor X.

However, one limitation I’ve encountered is the use of custom elements. When building a web app, it’s common to need special elements, such as a button that shows a loading animation when clicked or custom sidebar menu. I think Codux by Wix ( ) could be a game changer for this challenge, allowing “low coders” to build all the custom elements they need by modifying existing elements or building new ones from scratch (with or without external help).

Here comes my question: How can I compile these elements so that I can use them in Wix/Editor X? I have successfully created custom elements like this: . However, I don’t know how to build or compile the .js file element code and functionality for a component build on Codux (or similar). Does anyone have any tutorials or information that could help me with this? I welcome any suggestions.

Hey Felipe! So, right now - no, there is no path to create web components in Codux OR import React components into Velo directly.

I cannot speak to the future roadmaps in regards to this specific functionality but I can say that both Codux and Velo are actively evolving so I would keep an eye out for future releases.