I developed a database but it is completely missing from my site menu. Weird, because it must still be there as the dynamic page its linked to is still showing the recipes! Help please!

Hello - I did this today too and my database and dynamic page both aren’t working… I think there must be a system error today at Wix??

I hope its down to that! Quite hard to work out how to get help once you’ve been through all the google searches and shown different video tutorials!

Hi Guys!

Could you please share a link to your websites?
One of us, the WixCode team, will inspect it and provide you with a solution to your issue.



As you will see I’ve done a dynamic page for the recipes which seems to be linking to the recipe database but I can’t see the actual database which I need to add more recipes to. Also you will see that the headings I have on desktop for my pages are good, but are not loading correctly on the mobile version. Thanks for your help!

I have this problem too! All my repeaters linked to my database are broken. Also I cannot open my database from left tree structure and cannot add a new collection…

Hi @norzng !

I looked in your site and couldn’t reproduce the issue you’re describing.
Here’s a screen shot of how I see your editor & database:

Let me know if its otherwise for you.

As for the mobile version, can you elaborate on whats wrong with the headings?
Some elements are hidden by default in your mobile editor.

Let me know how you doin’.


Hi Natalie!

Can you please tell me more about the issues you’ve been experiencing with the DB and dynamic pages?


@doron-alkalay could you please check my website

I cannot open my database from the left tree structure.

and I cannot add a new collection. When I click “+”, it shows:

Hi @owangwanyue !

Thanks for the heads-up!
I managed to reproduce on my end, forwarding to our QA team and will update as soon as we have a solution for you.


This is the screenshot of what I can see. I’ve turned on developer tools and gone to Pages, as you can see in my drop down menu there is no recipe database that I can click on.

This is a screenshot of the mobile version. This is the page Mindset, as you can see it cuts off the text. I’ve tried to minimise in mobile editor to see if that will show the text but it doesn’t work. It’s the same for the other pages - Yoga, Grow.
Thanks, I appreciate your help!

@doron-alkalay Thank you very much! I wrote code to filter data from the dataset before. So I guess it is a kind of compatibility issue. And the website cannot be duplicated neither. The problems doesn’t appear when I create a site.

Hi Doron,
I would really like you help with this as i am still unable to find the data base. If you could please help me ASAP as I need to release this website this week but can’t due to the ongoing issues.
Thanks, Noreen

Hi @norzng !

See owangwanyue screenshot below.
Try to access your database via this specific menu (for that you’ll need to activate developer’s tools which is located in the “code” tab) A.k.a “Site structure” .

As I saw from your previous screenshot you navigate your site through the pages manager, which is not a mistake - but lacks the access to the databases of your site.
Let me know if you’ve found your way - and if not, please share some more screenshot of what you see and experience whilst trying to access the databases of your site.

I’m truly sorry for the inconvenience but I need that in order to determine rather its a bug or just misuse/misunderstanding.


@doron-alkalay Hi, I feel so silly but it was just in hide mode so now I can see the database thankfully. However what the editor shows is missing information that the live site is showing. Photos attached of the home page below. It’s also happening on other pages as well. Here is the editor mode.

And here is the live mode

Also still having the same issues as listed above with mobile view cutting off the page headings.
I appreciate your help.

About the items missing from live,
have you synched your sandbox collection with your live site collection?
That should solve the issue.

As for the mobile editing, this issue is not code related so I would recommend contacting the Wix support team , as they know best.

Hope it helps!

@doron-alkalay Hey, how is the issue going? I need to update my website : (
Or do you know some ways that I can duplicate pages from other my wix site?

@doron-alkalay I have synced sandbox and live site collection and still having issues. If you try to open for example the Packsges - Australian Packages - The ulitmate nourish. You will see that in the live website it shows all the information but in the editor it does not.
Also I have added for example to the Food section synced all the photos to the recipe database collection but in the live version if you click on the recipe it comes up with error 403. Please help!

@doron-alkalay also you will see on the menu there is a new link heading which I try to delete but nothing happens! I really think that the editor has issues. It shouldn’t be this hard to edit things