No display when clicking database

Since 3 days I am unable to see any thing on database. The moment I am clicking database its shows only blank page what should i do? Please check the screen shot


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Did you Save after you created your data. Does your code delete from the collections?

Please post your URL so we can take a look at it.

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Hello Yisrael

Thank you for your reply. I have no clue whether my code is deleted because I really dont know coding at all. I just simple followed wix video tutorial on how to use database and create dynamic page so i created one and then now i am not able to see it at all…

Here is the link

I also observed that if i go from wix database app from my account then it opens there here is the screen shot.

Thank you for all your support and help.


Hi Chandresh,

I took a look at your site in the editor and it is indeed empty. Sorry, but I can’t say why it’s empty, or even if it ever had any data.


Hi Yisrael

Thank you for your reply.

Its not about data its about the entire display. I am unable to see anything. The screen it totally empty. Here I am attaching another screen shot of my another website. You will observe that on screen the sandbox/live screen is visible.

So if you can suggest me what should I do or whom should I contact to fix this issue, I will be grateful.

I see your databases just fine - and they’re both empty.

OH! interesting here on my computer i cannot see this screen the way you are able to see it. here is the screen shot

any suggestions?

Something seems to have happened to your browser. Try clearing your cache, and then shut down and relaunch your browser.

I hope that works because I don’t have any other ideas.

Thank you for suggestions highly appreciate it.

I hope it works out for you. That’s a strange problem you’ve got.

Good luck

Yisrael you suggestion worked very well

thank you so much…

here is my screen shot

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:tada: :beers: