WIX being clunky, Database doesn't always load!

I have had an email back from WIX telling me to go to a page where I can request a call back, unfortunately the page doesn’t load!

Two days I have spent trying to get a very simple database to work, sometime it opens, sometimes it doesn’t. When it does open I’m unable to re-order the items in the database.

Anyone else giving up on WIX.com?

Don’t confuse Wix with Wix Code. The Wix part of it is working since many years for more than 120 million sites. Wix Code on the other hand is a beta product and many people has forgotten this, beta means not released for production, not stable enough yet… Then when working with data collections there is a lot of things to think about.

Is the dataset ready to work with? How many items does it load? How many elements do you have on your page.

What specific problems do you have?