Different Pricing Plan Automations

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At the moment I’m working on a membership-based website that offers two different subscription services. I need to send different automated emails to members upon signup, depending on which service they’ve signed up for. Anyone know of a way to do this?


Why not just create a triggered email for each pricing plan.

You can use emailUser from Wix Users API if you want to send an email to the currently logged in member.

However if you want to send an email to a specific member who might not be logged in, then you need to use emailUser from Wix Users Backend API.

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So you can specify for different pricing plans?

Currently I have a series of email automations set up for one pricing plan but am looking to add another. But there is no way to specify through automations.

I went through the materials you shared but I’m unsure how to create triggered emails for two different pricing plans. This would greatly help my business.

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