Dynamic Pages - Able to add multiple datasets?

Hi all! I’m working on a site for an art gallery. We’re using dynamic pages right now for the artists so they’re consistent. However, we want to display a different body of paintings on each page, is this possible to create a gallery or repeater for each page but link it to each artists own dataset?

Hi, you can add additional datasets on the page and link the filter to a existing dataset. If you google on this you will find several good articles on this topic for the classic Wix editor. In Editor X it works the same.

You can create another column in the artist’s database as a media gallery field type and insert as many pictures as you want. After that connect it to the Pro Gallery on the dynamic page.

Another option is to create an additional database just for images and then make a reference to a specific artist.
You can learn more about it here:

Thank you, this worked perfectly, I appreciate it!

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