Editor X falls apart at the Mobile Breakpoint

I have been working with live support for 2 days and even they cannot come up with a viable solution as to why it all falls apart at the mobile breakpoint. The sizes and positioning of images, text, hover animations is all randomly placed and scattered at the mobile breakpoint and it is chaos trying to manually correct. Im 16 hours into a beautiful site that has fallen apart and cannot be fixed at the mobile breakpoint.

I am moving away from editor x but wanted to leave this comment for others that might have similar problems and think it is them, but it is not, the editor x is just not fully functional, and very limited at cascading across breakpoints.


I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues on mobile breakpoint.

Usually, the issues on smaller breakpoints occurs because site is missing layouting tools like grids.

Have you used grids and stack on your site? Do you have experience with grids on other platforms?

Help Center: CSS Grids / Stack

Check our Academy X tutorials dedicated to these essential tools:

Grid Lesson

Stack Lesson

You can also see here a short video showing how to take advantage of these tools.

Lastly, remember that we have an amazing support team that would love to assist you in your Editor X journey.


thank you, but I tried grids, anchors everything. The worst part of all was the beautiful hover animations I created all fell completely apart at the mobile breakpoint, so badly that you could not even find some of the components as the containers all sized randomly and obscurely sometimes hiding parts of the animation way off to the side and upon trying to drag parts back into place and resize the editor continually broke down and wouldn’t drag the parts and or be able to resize anything.

The site is pretty much destroyed now trying to fix things at the mobile breakpoint that spilled over into the other breakpoints.

I build many websites and liked the idea of the hover animation capabilities of editor x but unfortunately the interface just isn’t quite there yet. I lost three full days to this all said and done and have to move on.

The support team was doing their best but even they were not fully capable of understanding the issues with the editor across that mobile breakpoint.

I was in a similar situation. Extremely frustrated with issues on Editor X last year. The support team was (is ) not able to help with every issue but overtime it turns out to be a great learning experience. Especially when you find solutions on your own. Do not give up on Editor X. I posted many angry postings in the beginning but I am a big fan now. It still is buggy but still the best design platform out there if you ask me.

Another, suggestion is doing the override on your sections and containers in the mobile. Then it might give you a decent starting point.

I had a similar problem with grids and containers on a project. The editor throws off the Grid placement of your items sometimes. You’ll need to manage this manually by using the layers and the Grid Area tools and check each item’s position and layer order. Would love to hear if this helps or more about your issue. It sucks to get stuck on project but you’re not alone :slight_smile:

I appreciate the feedback, and it is the most flexible editor out there without coding. BUT everything just seems to randomize when it hits the mobile breakpoint, its as if it just runs an RNG on ever measurement and attribute and it never ends.

Since yesterdays issues I was trying to forge ahead, and now noticed that 9 lightboxes that all worked perfectly in desktop and tablet, that are all identical, created from one single lightbox duplicated 9 times changing only the image, all have different shapes and placements and anchors, and alignments, etc in the mobile breakpoint. Its like redesigning from scratch when you get to the mobile breakpoint and it has been extremely frustrating.

please feel free to make me an admin info@seattlecreativeworks.com I can take a look for 10min and see if I can diagnose the issue(s).

I appreciate it and will if I run into further issues, what I wound up doing today was just hiding everything at the mobile breakpoint and designing for mobile view a simple animation free website with the simplest of interfacing, eliminating any of the need for anything to cascade past the tablet BP.

Seems to be a solution for the time being when the site is done in a few days I’ll send you the link so you can see what I did.