Mobile optimization

I created my site but really need help with web optimization for mobile. Any guidance Or referrals. on pause till it’s sorted out. Please let me know.

Hi @malek

I understand that you are struggling with mobile breakpoint optimization.

Can you please provide us with more details (page with the issue, components, or even screencast showing the issue)?

Usually, the issue occurs due to the sizing/margin & docking settings. Try to open layers panel and check all the elements and their settings one by one.

Also, I would recommend using grids as it is supper helpful when it comes to mobile optimization. You can check grid lessons in Academy X or in help Center.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Hello, I tried and I am not sure what to do, once I have this portion resolved I can go live. Here is my website:



I’ve recorded the videos showing how you can optimize home page across breakpoints:

desktop -

tablet and mobile -

Basically the only issues that left on your website are the master sections where you have sticky scroll effect. It is a bit challenging to optimize them.

You can check the example of the sticky scroll effect across breakpoints in Editor X template:

Just open this template and check how it can be done.

I hope it was helpful

I actually attempted and pulled from that template while I was building the site out, is it possible to have someone finish this optimization portion? a resource you guys work with? happy to pay someone to help me complete it. I tried to connect with multiple people but editor x is pretty new platform and have had no luck. Any input or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Please join our official community Experienced Editor X designers will be happy to help you !

I requested to Join the FB Group. Thanks