Editor X Feedback thoughts

Hi, I just wanted to list some thoughts that I have regarding Editor X. It’s not quite in paragraph form but lists of the good and the bad:

・Can’t save elements in “My Designs”
・Page Settings>No Header/Footer is not available.
・No Strips (Blank)=Confusion with stretching box/photos.
・Can’t change images for Backgrounds
・Copy content for different Editors
・Can’t Schedule Publishing
・No Slide Strip Galleries
・No AutoSave
・No Video for background/strips ( box/section?)
・Bring to Front/Back (ToolBar- Be able to add it in the inspector bar) is complicated.
・Not able to add multiple images at one time from the photo album.
・Cropping images don’t function well.
・When placing images on top of another image of a section, it automatically sizes it to the height of the section; making it hard to adjust sizing.
・Can’t find Blog Widget

・Academy X is helpful
・The convenience of the Right Click has reduced. (Re:pinning items)
・I would like to be able to move sections and footers via drag + drop. Or maybe have an arrow on the sides to move the objects
・Clicking on the “…” mark is quite cumbersome.
・Bug? ( menu emerges out of position to the top. Can’t see menu prompt)

Wix Editor X is more of a flexible Wix ADI? When comparing it to the normal Wix HTML5 Editor, here seems to be more freedom in regards to design in the normal Editor. If Editor X is supposed to be a tool for professional designers, it’s imperative that designers are still given the freedom to manually do things design-wise since they are capable of creating elements (e.g., design software) but without the cumbersome workarounds from the HTML5 Editor. Right now, it has more of a feel of desktop publishing software.


Great feedback, I second most of your thoughts.

Hi @elitusdesign

I am Sebi from the Editor X Product Team.

First of all, we appreciate the time and thought that you put into this feedback and into using our product. It is the feedback from our users that will help us reach higher heights with Editor X.

I will address you points one by one below :slight_smile:

Can’t save elements in “My Designs”
We are currently working on My Designs for Editor X, we actually did a demo for the partner community Round Table today.
You can see it in action here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tj54NhZV2Ac&feature=youtu.be

Page Settings>No Header/Footer is not available.
Editor X does not use the same header and footer that is available in the Classic Editor. We created a new feature called the Master Sections, you can now create reusable custom headers and footers for all pages, one page, or specific pages.
You can read more about masters here: https://support.wix.com/en/article/editor-x-using-masters

No Strips (Blank)=Confusion with stretching box/photos.
Thank you for the feedback on this, can you elaborate a little bit more? It will help us address the issue more wisely.

Can’t change images for Backgrounds
On Editor X you can stretch images onto the background of a section, container or a grid area.
You can read more about this here: https://support.wix.com/en/article/editor-x-changing-the-background-of-a-section

Copy content for different Editors
Thank you for sharing, we are working on some features similar to this to help with productivity.

Can’t Schedule Publishing
Great idea! We will share with the rest of the team to consider for future releases.

No Slide Strip Galleries
At the moment, fully customizable slideshows are not supported in Editor X. For now, if you auto-sliding is what you are after, you can use the Pro Gallery to get the effect you are looking for, with more structured layouts and designs. If customization is more important than the auto sliding effect, you can use the Slider display of the Repeater or the Layouter to create beautiful, fully customizable scrolling sliders.
A full solution for slideshows is indeed in our plans for the future.

No Autosave
We are in the process of releasing autosave, you should see this available very soon :slight_smile:

Bring to Front/Back (ToolBar- Be able to add it in the inspector bar) is complicated.
Thank you for the feedback, we will share with the rest of the team. Please note that you can right-click on an element to re-arrange it.

Not able to add multiple images at one time from the photo album.
Thank you for the feedback, we will investigate how we can make the experience of adding images to the site better.

When placing images on top of another image of a section, it automatically sizes it to the height of the section; making it hard to adjust sizing.
Images should not be affecting other image sizes, if you have a screenshots or steps to recreate, then we can investigate. Please submit this bug via the “Help & Feedback” option in the Editor Top Bar.

Can’t find Blog Widget
Blog Widgets re still being developed. Currently, you can create custom blog widgets using Wix Corvid/Data. Once we have an update on the blog widgets we will be more than happy to share on the forum.

Academy X is helpful
Thanks for sharing the feedback! Many more lessons and videos are coming soon!

The convenience of the Right Click has reduced. (Re:pinning items)
We are updating the right-click to have a lot more functionality. Currently, you can “pin” elements in the inspector by setting their position to Fixed.

Please let us know if you have any other missing features for the right-click.

I would like to be able to move sections and footers via drag + drop. Or maybe have an arrow on the sides to move the objects
Thank you for sharing your suggestions! We will pass it along to the rest of the team!

Clicking on the “…” mark is quite cumbersome
Thank you for sharing your feedback on the more icon, can you please elaborate on why it is cumbersome? We would love to improve it.

Thanks for sharing your experience. Please report all the bugs you encounter via the “Help & Feedback” tab in the topbar of the Editor X.

As always, if you have additional feedback to share with the team, please feel free to continue sharing. We will forward in continuing to improve the product.

Best regards,
Editor X Team



Autosave is now on for all Editor X sites.

Hay Sibi. I’d like to comment on your comment. I believe what Elitus was eluding to when he said changing the background, he meant the entire page background.

Example. I want a custom pattern, gif, or video as the whole page background with simple transparent sections on top. Currently you can only use colors for that purpose. On the original WIX Editor this was possible. In EditorX, it’s a workaround, and it slows loading to a crawl to create a giant section, and then use container boxes as sections. It just doesn’t work. You lose too many options for design, and it turns the site into a dog to load. Also you can forget your mobile sites loading correctly at all. Every breakpoint develops a life of it’s own, and correcting them is just a nightmare. Auto docking takes control and the only solution is to delete and start over without a full page image background, and pic a color. I’ve also tried the two section, one image hoping they would line up. Nope.

This is one of the reasons why I’m not yet making sites for clients using EditorX yet. I build in Classic WIX, with the plan of slowly moving over the clients who will benefit most from EX as those features I need become available and stable.

I love EditorX, but it’s still not ready for my clients in my opinion. However I wish to stress that I also believe in EditorX. WIX has taken a radically different approach to website building, and blazing a trail is always full of sticker bushes. In time that trail becomes a super hwy.

Ive spent a week on and off diligently creating a blog from a blank canvass with Editor X . I have placed the text and images exactly where i need them, cropping them and placing them. When i preview the page it looks perfect, when i publish the page and view it the images are completely out of alignment, butting up to each other with no spaces in between them. It looks like all the careful editing has been undone. What is going on ? How can i amend this? It makes no sense to me.

Are you sure your site is responsive? Does it still look good when you check your site in preview, but on different dimensions of the same breakpoint?
Anyway, you are welcome to sent a link to your site so I’ll be able to take a look

screenshots are welcome

It looks good in preview. I have to confess to having no training in this but i have completed a number of blogs in the past without problems. I’m not totally sure of what a breakpoint is. Ive edited on a macbook pro in desktop format and the images have been high resolution (I even had to downsize
most of them). Here are two images the first being how i edited and the second being how the published site appears. Also, here is the link to the site below the images…thank you.


Pay attention on the number that you see on the top of your canvas. If you are increasing it, you will see that the issues you have on the live site will be visible in the editor as well. That means that your site is not responsive and it looks good live only on a screen with the same dimensions (in your case it’s 1328px), and your actual screen width is bigger than that, that is why you think that it has issues on the live site only

You have to use layouting tools to make you site responsive and good looking on different screen dimensions. It requires a bit of training to understand how it works. Check the Editor X webinars site: https://www.editorx.com/academy/webinars, in the recorded webinars you can find a ‘Discover the Editor X workspace’ webinar that is more basic and has explanations about different tools and ‘Working with grid: When, why and how’ that is more specific. You can find a lot of useful information and exercises in the Academy X site also

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Thank you for this. I’ll get to it. :slight_smile:

Hi @peterantony68 – I think you might like this webinar coming up on Dec 7 where an Editor X expert shows you how to design on different breakpoints on Editor X. It’s a live webinar so you can also ask our product expert some questions if you like!