Editor X Wix Video App Not Working

Is anybody else having issues with the Wix Video App? As in, when clicking “Manage Videos” it just infinitely loads? This is only happening to me in Editor X.

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Can you try to log out and log back in?

Let us know if that helps!

This happened to me too! When we want to add our own videos, it redirects us to the Dashboard and it keeps on loading forever!

I actually had a problem with the mobile view - I always got sideways scroll. I had to delete the page temporarily

Have not been able to get it to work - it disappeared, then it just hangs - signed in, signed out, deleted, reinstalled…wonder if it has to do with the length of videos? some are more than 1/2 hour - but what’s sense of having the app if it cannot be used on the website? the videos show up no problem inside the mobile app