EditorX links opens to the middle of the page regardless where the anchor is


I switched to EditorX from Wix for many beautiful features, but two things,

  1. Cannot link to a section. Wix had link to Anchor / Section, whereas EditorX has link to Anchor only. Am I missing something here?

  2. Believing I am not missing anything, I am setting anchor(s) in a section (or page) but link opens to the middle of the section (or page) regardless where the linked anchor is.

Your replies are highly appreciated.

Happy new 2023 to you all,



  1. You can set a section itself to be an anchor: select a section and in the inspector panel find the “add an anchor” toggle (in this case the scroll will be to the top of the anchored section)
  2. When you set anchors for different elements, the scroll should be to these elements and not the middle of the section

Do you want to share a link to your page so I’ll check what is going on there?

Hi, Thanks Anastasia. If I am not doing something wrong, it does not work as it should. I wish to invite you to my test site to walk you through an example, but cannot see your e-mail address. What is it, please?

I can not accept the invite anyway, but you can share the link to your test site here and I’ll be able to check it from there

Hi Anastasia,

Actually the issue I had asked for your help is resolved now, but there is another point. Here is the site,


We want the 4 pointed star and the 5 pointed star to move until just under the green header section and stop there. But both don’t. They both move to the top of the page, thus get lost under the green band. How can we make them go and stop without getting lost.



reason for this behaviors is pinned position of green header, we got workaround for you in this case:

along with this, we will report this behavior to our dev team to be improved


I got it. That’s good now. Thanks,

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