Anchors manual menu and natural anchors references

Hello everyone,

i’ve submitted this as a ticket to wix, but i wanted to now if someone had this pretty comon issue.
i’ve made this website :

Each single part of the menu are linked to an anchor on a different page.

When i click on one it does this :

  • go to the page
  • go to the anchor

This is not happening on preview mode, mobile and tablet, what is happening on that ?

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Hi Eduard,
I’m Liron and I work for the Editor X Product team.
We apologize for the experience you had with Anchors.
We’ve sent this on to the development team and they are looking into it.
In the meantime, I would like to suggest few improvements that will help to improve the performance of your site, make it work faster and also might fix this bug:

1. Use Master sections - While checking your site I have noticed that you are using the same menu section on multiple pages, which creates many duplicated linked items that make your site load the pages and its content much slower.
Masters make it easy for you to share the same content and maintain consistent design across multiple pages without having to copy, paste and relink your items on each page.
To set a section as a Master:

  1. Right-click the relevant section in the Editor.

  2. Click Set as Master .

  3. Select the relevant option:

  • Header: Sections that appear at the top of the page.

  • Section: Sections that appear in the middle of the page (anywhere between the header and footer).

  • Footer: Sections that appear at the bottom of the page.

The new Master section appears in your Site Masters panel, where you can manage them and display a Master on other pages.

You can read about using and managing Maters in our help center or watch the Academy X Masters lesson and then exercise it yourself.

2. Set your Anchors to static elements (with no scroll effect) - While checking your Anchors, I saw that they are linked to text items with a Sticky scroll effect. I would recommend linking your menu to the section of the text items so the scroll effect won’t affect the anchor scroll.

Thank you for your help and we appreciate your patience. Your feedback on Editor X is helping us improve our product
We’ll contact you when we have an update on this issue.

Please feel free to reach out again with any questions or concerns,


Hello thanks for your reply ! Yes i didnt set that (on purpose) to the master header, because there is element that are different in each page (like links and behavior) !

For the solution of having a non sticky solution , i did tried that before, but the idea was to go on the top of the section, so technically i can manage to do that with a bar hidden at the top of each section ! The strange thing is that on mac ( Chrome) , there isn’t this problem, but in windows (still chrome) there is !

Actually just tried this, and does the same thing (i did put a line on top and then add an anchor and send the menu to this anchor), and it does the same, it goes to the anchor, and go back at the top of page !

Again, its not happening on mac, mobile, tablet and preview, so i’m not sure it’s caused by that ! (or it will happen everywhere ?)

This problem has just started for me this afternoon, with anchors linked from image gallery on home page to individual sections on a ‘case study’ page (the only location they appear on the site)

For me the same process is happening of:

  • go to the page
  • go to the anchor

but it’s only happening on Chrome on mobile.

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