Embedding Typeform in Wix

Hi there!

I was looking for ways one can embed a Typeform in wix website, can somebody please help me with a detailed steps?

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You will have much more control over style, layout, and interface by creating your forms using the Wix Editor - and adding some Wix Code if needed. Using a Typeform form in a Wix site drastically increases the complexity of the site and complicates maintainability.

If you really must use Typeform, you might be able to use an HtmlComponent (it depends on the embedded code). See the article Working with the HTML Element in Wix Code for details.

Has this changed as Typeform is so easy to use and has become the market standard? Regards,

This is an old post from 2018 and is being closed.
Yisrael has already provided a good answer to the original post.

if you want to embed it you can using html and if you need more help with that you will need to go through Typeform’s own support as Wix won’t provide support for third party code.