Expert Tip: What to look out for when your section's height won't shrink

There are some reasons that cause your section be bigger than you expect and may cause overlapping, white space on the bottom of the section on so on…
Use the following checks to find what can enlarge it and resolve the problem:

      1. Check you section size at the Inspector panel, it may have min height 

      2. Check the grid settings (row height) and make sure that it is not bigger that you need 

      3. Check if the objects in this section have min height or min width that is too big for your section 

      4. Check object margins. In case they are too big, they can cause the section to enlarge and create an unexpected horizontal scroll 

      5. Check that the object margins have no minus value. It causes the object to be bigger than the section 


I did all of these things. Still seeing white gaps between sections. Whenever I move one it impacts the other.

Amazing post!! really important stuff!!

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Hi! Can you attach a link to your site and maybe a few screenshots? It will help to figure out what is wrong with it

I have a note to add: none of these work when you’re working with Calculations; at least within the Editor… at least as far as I’ve noticed while working with Calculations in grids (every time).