Grid becomes much taller on narrow breakpoints and can't be fixed

I have an issue which I’m not sure is user-error or a bug. I have a container with a 5 column grid, which works fine on a desktop view, however once the screen size reduces to exactly 1015px wide, the container gets very tall and no amount of adjusting the settings seems to help. See video to illustrate, thanks for any suggestions…

The first question I’d ask is whether you’ve got a breakpoint set at 1015. If you do, and the section height is defined differently above and below the breakpoint, you would get the results you’re seeing.

Here’s an example, at 1016 px

And at 1015:

This may not be obvious in the sizing panel, because your container is stretched, so the section isn’t directly selectable – it takes an extra step to examine the settings for the section.

Thanks Jim, unless I’m looking in the wrong place that doesn’t seem to be the case. I have a breakpoint at 1001 & up, then 751 & up…

Have you checked the height specification for the section on each side of 1015? And on each side of 1001? I’m curious to see if it changes.

FYI, when I get unexpected behavior like this, the things I always suspect are the height definitions for the grid and the height definitions for the section. The problem is usually in one or the other. And, very occasionally, the problem has to do with an object inside the container.

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I think you’ve cracked it. The Max height on the the Section was set to none. If I change that to a specific pixel count it fixes the problem. Not sure why it only shows up at that specific screen width but no matter, I can adjust accordingly at each breakpoint. Thanks for your help Jim.


@azajohns78 Hi,

From your screenshots I see that you do have a breakpoint at 1015.
As for the section min height, usually is should be set to none if you have a grid on it and then the row height is determined by the grid itself.
check how your grid row is defined.

I also recommend your read this article to learn about how to deal with heights in Editor X.

Good luck.