Extremely useful Order Checkup Feature in Wix Code made possible today

So I played around yesterday with the IVR Solutions from Twilio that you saw here in the forums. Today I took it one step further.

  1. A customer calls your support number and then the magic starts…

  2. Lookup the number they call from in the customer Data Collection, if there is a match send back to Twilio the customer name and which company they belong to.

  3. Make the IVR greet the customer as “Hey there Andreas from Wix Show and welcome to our support. Please press 1 to check your latest order status or press 2 to be connected to our support staff”.

  4. So if the user presses 1 on their phone I take the sites userId and sends that to my Wix Site and lookup the latest order they made and the status, order date and total sum. Send that back to Twilio as a JSON object.

  5. Now in Twilio I play the message for the customer “You latest order was placed on October 13 2018 and has the status of SHIPPING and the total sum is 45$, thanks for calling.” and then I can redirect them to the main menu.

And if there is an error, the customer can’t be found or they don’t have an order or the system can’t find the order there will be a message with this information and then we just connect the call to the human support staff.

This is so awesome I almost cry out load of pure and insane happiness!


Andreas, nice going! Just one question: which order database? I thought wix stores didn´t offer access to the orders db. Or did you roll your own?

I did my own, had no patience waiting for the built in one and in this project we have more than 25 Data Collections that needs to work smoothly so basically everything is custom made except Products and Collections.

Hi Andreas, Where can we contact you regarding building something similar to this?