Feature Request Post Reminder

Hello Partners! :sparkles:

We want to remind you of the most effective way to request a feature here in the forum.

When adding a request under the Feature Request category, please include the following information in your post.

  1. A short title: In a few words, let us know what feature you’re requesting.
  • Example: If I’m requesting the option to translate my blog pages in multiple languages in order to reach multiple readers, the title might be: Multilingual Blog Page Translation

  1. Product and hashtag: Please include which product the request falls under alongside a hashtag.
  • Example: #WixStoresRequest, #WixBookingsRequest, #WixBlogRequest, etc.

This will make it easier for our teams to locate all requests related to a specific product.

  1. Details of the request: Be as detailed as possible when sharing your requests. We want to have a clear understanding of the needs. Why is it important? What problem does it resolve? Any detail that highlights why it should be prioritized.

You now have the option of posting your request in this thread, or under the request category here .

Thank you all for your participation!



A Site To Track Beta Releases
I’ve long wanted this feature, and have recently seen an increased need for it.

I would love for there to be a site, that had a basic Red, Amber, Green system that allowed us to track the rollout of Beta features. I imagine a product/feature that has been announced, but not rolled out to be listed with a red icon. A feature currently in rollout, with possible details about limitations in amber, and fully released in green.

I think this would be a great feature allowing Partners to be aware of what is available to them and not. (I understand there are a lot of teams, and a site like this would need a lot of coordinating)


This is a great suggestion and it makes sense! Thanks for kickstarting the thread Nolo. :slight_smile:

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Add custom fields to dynamic values for emails
This will allow us to be more personal with our customers and clients. For my use case it would be used for workflow automation emails. Each step of the process my client will get emails and I would like to include custom feilds such as, address, closing date, buyer/tenant…etc


The ability to create our own template emails and use them for campaigns, and workflow automation emails
As it stands right now, we have to design a email for every automation. It would be helpful if we could just create our own templates and choose a template that we created when creating workflow automations.

We should also be able to organize our templates.


A better way to organize automations. Drag and drop and with folders
We should be able to organize our automations in folders in any order we want,


A way to automatically share our new blogs on social media
This will help us automate getting our new content out there.


editorx editor
The ability to organize our webpages in Editor X like on Wix
This is a no brainer I believe, it’s a small frustration that we are unable to organize our pages and add them to folders like on Wix.

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editorx #multistepforms
Multi-step forms for Editor X
I know that multi-state is coming but for us non coders this would be very helpful. This feature was very useful for me when I was on Wix. It has been frustrating to not see this on Editor X.

The ability to connect lists to a database in forms
This is possible when creating a custom form but not when using a regular form. I do not know how to code, I’ve tried to learn but I’m a real estate agent… lol, but I’m currently stuck with this dilemma. I need a form to be connected to my listing dataset, I created a custom form BUT I then cant use the automation rules which allows me to display certain fields based on selections. It would be easier for me if I could just connect a dropdown in the form to my listing dataset.

Embed widget and dynamic pages in Editor X
I believe this tool has recently been released for WIX. This would be so helpful for me, it was an annoyance since I first started using wix a couople years ago. But there should be a easy way to use the embed widget on dynamic pages. My use case is connecting my Matterport 3D tours to my listing pages. I’ve had a workaround where it looks like it’s native but it’s actually a link but it would be much better if it was native. If anyone has easy code for this by the way please comment lol.

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The tools and code to allow us to make our sites Web Apps
I do not know much about this but I want to turn my website into a full blown app for now I would love to just turn it into a PWA. From what I found this is not posisble with Editor X or WIX or at lease not easy to do. With WIX I remembered that there’s a welcome screen while the page loads and the ability to change the color of the status bar.

Add the workflow applet to the Wix Owner App
For refrence checkout the Hubspot app. It would be very helpful if we could move cards in the workflow applet on the go.

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Transactional Emails
This sort of goes with another request I made because it will require to allow custom fields for dynamic values. It would also be great to be able to connect forms or datasets, not sure how to explain but here’s a usecase. I would like to create this. A user submits a form, they select a specific listing in that form which is connected to the owner (my client). After they submit the offer they’ll get a email and so does the person attached to the listing with the details of the offer.

editorx wix
Improvements to the upload button/tool
The upload button should allow users to upload any kind of file. Many platforms allow for this but refer to Google forms. We should be able to choose which files can be uploaded. Like below. It makes it messy as it currently is. I have to add a Image and PDF upload button for each document that I’m requesting because I don’t know what kind of document they will upload.

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Scroll Animation for Editor X
Or just copy everything Webflow has… lol


The ability to create workflows for the consumer experience like Bubble
I’m sure we can do this type of stuff with code, butit would be much easier if it could be done like like this.

Add arrows when using sliders for repeaters and the layouter tools
This would be helpful for the user experience. Right now we would have to code the use of arrows and this should be standard with the slider with the option to customize the arrows.

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Hello @stevenjose

  • Have at least all old requests on the forum been counted?
  • If so, until what date?
  • If not, do we have to submit again?
  • What happens if the name contained in the hashtag has a spelling error: will the Wix team know what we are talking about? example #wixbooooking#

  • How do we know if the request is clear enough and if the team has supported it?

You could have left the feature request category but closed it to block it. Because it’s a shame not to know what has ALREADY been asked… :frowning:

I hope that you will quickly reveal your process, because it was interesting to have one post per feature request in the past, which allowed other partners to see and follow. There, it’s an endless thread… If we do a search by keywords in the forum, this post will appear constantly…

Personally, if from the Wix online support we could go to the category, in the right sub-section and have a button: “Are you missing a feature?” And make a request in the right box, it would be pretty good

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Hi Denis!

What’s happening is that not everyone was using hashtags when posting requests in the category, so it’s not always easy to filter those posts. Additionally, some members were posting in the wrong category. By having them here, all requests are consolidated in one spot.

That category is still visible to Wix employees. It’s not deleted, just hidden. You don’t have to submit those requests again.

I’ll go ahead and make it visible for everyone though. This way you all can see what has already been submitted. :slight_smile:

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