#feature request. Welcome screen for Desktop site, to be used as preloader.

  1. The desktop site could very well utilize the welcome screen of mobile site.
  2. The welcome screen on mobile exits before all the page elements have loaded. This happens when visiting the site for the first time ( i simulate this with the Chrome’s incognito mode). It would be nice if the welcome screen could remain with some subtle animations in play until the page (or at least the top fold of the page) has finished loading. This way it could do a better job as a preloader. Hoping WIX will release this or sth similar.

Yes this will make my site look more professional

Thanks for the great feedback for the #WixEditor team!

Yes indeed! But i would value more the functionality it could provide as a preloader.

Adding a preloader on “Tracking and Analysis” would help. You can simply search “Preloader wix” on google then you will fonud may useful template.

You mean with these codes.? Not a big fan of this.

$w.onReady(() => {



function waitForLoading() {

setTimeout(() => { 


}, 1500);