Feature Update: Wix Loyalty Program

Good day everyone. :sparkles:

I’m excited to announce the Wix Loyalty Program is now available for other selling verticals on Wix!

Recently, we launched an integration that allows creating coupon rewards with Loyalty for:

  • Store products

  • Booking sessions

  • Events

  • and (coming soon) Pricing plans!

We have also added new ways to earn loyalty points when making a purchase in your Wix store, booking a session, buying an event ticket, purchasing a membership plan or RSVP’ing to an event.

In addition to this, we’ve launched an improved loyalty page on the live site that allows site owners to display benefits of their programs and attract new loyal customers using different kinds of layouts.

To install the Wix Loyalty Program click here .

Keep in mind that in order to install Loyalty , you should already have installed one of the following apps: Wix Restaurant Orders, Wix Stores, Wix Events or Wix Bookings.


I hope we will have the APIs for loyalty program.

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This is fantastic and something I was waiting for a long time, thanks a lot.

A few questions:

  • you don’t mention the possibility to use automation that helps using other Wix products such as Wix online program or Forms (which is a great and very convenient extension). Does these automation work differently from the “native “ app ?
  • is the new bulk coupon builder compatible with this program ?

And a suggestion:

  • I would love to be able to turn the redeem table to a leaderboard that could be displayed in the framework of a challenge

thanks a lot again for this great feature !

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This is what I get when I click your link to install @stevenjose

oops I hit publish too quick!
This is SUPER DUPER great to see, I was humbled to be invited to be a part of the advisory board for this and now it’s come to life

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Any plans for Wix Forum?

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@venkog97743 rewarding social activity (forum, groups or blog) would be very useful indeed, turning Wix into a real gamification tool :muscle:

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@guillaume If we get APIs of Loyalty program we can do anything we want


I redeemed a coupon by using this feature when testing/booking on my live site but I’m seeing that it doesn’t actually show the name of the coupon used, on the back-end. The name of the coupon code redeemed is supposed to be “Get $25 OFF”.

What can we expect the redeemable coupon codes to display as on the back-end? I’m not sure what “After CA…” refers to.

Also it looks like this on the Wix Owners app: undefined . After CA

Question: If a Member books a session from their pricing plan, and gets the 10 points I’ve attributed to booking a session, but then they go in and cancel their session or I delete the session (thus cancelling the booking) do they get the 10 pts removed from their account automatically?

I want to avoid members getting rewarded for cancelling and just re-booking again later using their pricing plan.

I can see someone getting points for booking a session → redeeming to get a coupon → cancelling the booking that got them the pts just to rebook later & gain points again.

We want to reward people for booking and attending their sessions, more than for buying pricing plans that contain them.

I thought about the same issue and for me this is solved with Wix booking since you can select “check-in a session” in the automation and give the points only if attending.
That is unfortunately not the case with Wix Event where points are given when making a RSVP and not attending to the event…

When you reach a really high volume of services and participants it’s uber tough to rely on checking clients in. Removing any manual work is what makes Automations and Loyalty Programs useful so the Check-in trigger isn’t reliable enough unfortunately.