Frustrating issues need addressing

Hello, I have been using Editor X since January 2021. I have faced many obstacles with bugs and weird things happening without logical reason. I am so close to launching my new business, the website being absolutely integral to this, yet I am still hitting snags with the platform.
One of my biggest annoyances has been the inability to move sections without it crashing the system. I have followed the troubleshooting guidelines, logged calls and spoken to support, but I am not getting any real help to resolve this. I think EditorX is a great concept and seeing other sites built on EditorX, I think, yeah it should be amazing… however, these issues are crippling me.

Initially, before committing to Editor X, I was considering Webflow as my primary building tool. Given the amount of issues I have had, I am literally at my wits end and have given up. I am now considering Webflow and throwing in the towel with Editor X.

As one last resort, can someone from the tech team at Editor X please help me to overcome these issues so I can go live? And by this I mean running though the problems I am having on the phone when we are both looking at the editor so it can be resolved then and there.

If no one can help, I’m done.


Hi @robertandfionaspiter

I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues in Editor X.

Please provide us with the Site URL/Site name or Wix account email address, so we can locate your account and schedule a call back.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Hi Maksym,

The EditorX account email is I am based in Sydney, Australia.


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