Ghost Section (Bug?)

Im having trouble with what I call ghost sections. For some reason I have a empty section underneath/ontop of a section and if I want to delete one of the two the other gets deleted as well. I cant move them separately and cant use the move up button to rearrange them, or changer their order. Also I cant add a header section to my page after I delete it. I tried several ways to add the header ( from the masters panel, from another page via show on…, and via copy/paste) but nothing happens.
I have this problems only on one subpage. I also tried copying the page, and the copies have the same problem. The only difference from this subpage to all the others is that I added minor functionality via corvid.
Has anyone else experienced this and maybe has a solution for it?

I had similar issues. If you have the time it is best to raise an issue with Wix to get this resolved. Alternatively save your sections iny designs or set the as master. Then rebuild entire page by adding sections from my designs or masters. Don’t forget to detach from masters again, unless the section is a real master. Best to keep to corrupt page so Wix development team can check this to improve the stability of Editor X.


@fsebald as Jeroen said, if you can please report a bug (Help > Report a Bug), it would help us to look into the site and check the issue.

Thank you!