HELP PLEASE - Delete, copy, duplicate is disabled for sections, strips and boxes

Delete, copy, and duplicate is disabled for sections, strips, and boxes. Toolbar buttons are greyed out, keyboard shortcuts don’t work either. Only for sections, it gives the error “Can’t delete sections with .” and when I click “Learn more” it tells me I can’t delete sections with apps. Yet there are no apps and this is the same on every page. Nothing happens -no error message- when I try to delete container boxes, strips, and columns… And there are no options such as “cut, copy, delete” in right-click menu as well.

I also tried different accounts, different pages, clearing cache, logging out and in… Nothing seems to be working.

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Having same problem. I added wix chat now I can’t delete as you say… I removed the app but still can’t delete.

It has been resolved by itself today, probably a bug from Wix.

Go to your Account Dashboard. Click … on the site you want to duplicate. Click Duplicate Website. The duplicate site appears as the first site in your account dashboard.