How can I set CSS styles for a database-loaded element?

I need to style text (which comes from a Rich Text field in a database) to show proper paragraph breaks, indentation, etc. This formatting is for whatever reason not supported by the Wix text style options (their suggested workaround for paragraph spacing is to create separate text boxes for each paragraph, which is obviously not going to work for database text), so I’m trying to do it through script. However, I cannot find any way to access the CSS style of the element in Corvid. Is this possible?

I’m currently trying something like:
$w.onReady( function () {
$w(“#fullText”).style = ???

But of course .style (or anything like it) doesn’t exist, at least in the intellisense. How can I access the style information via Corvid?

If you want to do it for the actual text itself, then you will need to do it in the text as shown here.$w.Text.html#html$w.Text.html#text

The style is for elements itself.$w.Style.html

For textboxes.$w.TextBox.html#style

This doesn’t appear to help me, as .text is just a string. I tried this: (using the color blue just to ensure I could tell things were getting applied)
$w(“#fullText”).text = ‘’.concat($w(“#fullText”).text, “”);

When I did that, it just inserted the HTML tags as text visible to the user.

When I tried it with .html:
$w(“#fullText”).html = ‘TESTING TEXT HERE’.concat($w(“#fullText”).html, “”);

The “TESTING TEXT HERE” text was inserted before the content and it was blue, but it didn’t affect the rich text at all.

How about an alternate approach: I see in the page source that all the paragraphs I want to alter the appearance of have:

. Is there a way in Corvid to set the CSS styles of all

's of that class?