How do I get the full image to show?

In Editor X, when I add images to my site they are cropped. I cannot get the full image, logo, etc. to appear. Resizing resizes. Cropping won’t go larger. What do I need to do to add images that are not automatically, incorrectly, and infuriatingly cropped?

Are you using a grid? Check the height and width of the grid, if set these to maxcontent it should work fine. Als check the section height, make sure it is on auto and does not have a fixed height.

Thanks for the reply, Jeoren.

I am not using a grid. This is a section with a shape in the background (the red). The logo is a PNG. I can make it gigantic. I can double-click on it and drag the edges to make it show more of the image. But I cannot make it go to the full size (which every other editor on the face of the earth does).

Ok. I figured it out. Every time I insert an image I have to click on it and “reset” it for the full image to show. Don’t know why.

can you show the inspector panel?

can you show the inspector panel?

I found the solution (above).

But I am wondering: I quick-add the image, then “change image”. Is that creating a default frame that messes things up? Is there another way to add images?

@dan74801 When you replace an image with an image, the new image gets the resolution of the previous image. To restore the resolution of the image you need to click resets

And yes, it does disrupt the docking a bit. After the reset you needs to rearrange the docking of the image.

@md60th So how am I supposed to add a new image if the “quick add” requires these extra steps?

Hi @dan74801 , you can add an image to your website by following these steps:

  1. Click the + icon on the top left of your screen. (Below the Editor X logo)

  2. Click on MEDIA .

  3. Under the UPLOAD YOUR MEDIA panel, click on the blue UPLOAD MEDIA button.

  4. Click on Upload from Computer .

  5. Select the Image you want to upload to your website and click Open .

  6. Once your image gets uploaded to Site Files , click on the image and then click on Add to Page at the bottom right of your screen.

In this way you can add images, videos, GIFs and more to your site and they won’t get cropped .

I’ve made a short video explaining the process of uploading images to your website without using the Quick Add option . Hope it helps! (:

Thanks! I see what is happening now. I think shortcut to add from media would be great.

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