how to download all the photos of my products?

HI , anybody can help me for this? thank you in advance!
I need to download all the photos of my products, all these images are uploaded by myself , I have created and sorted by folders, but I can not find icons can download it, I hope somebody can help, thank you !

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Hi there, have you tried following the steps here ?

If you continue to have a hard time, I encourage you to contact our support team.

yes, I have followed the step, but do not have “download” button for me to choose for, different to the steps page showed, pls check the this attached image. how to contact your support team pls ? I can not find the link of email address, thanks.

Unfortunately you have to download the image files individually… :cry::cry:

yes, thank you, I found it, it is really very crazy, I have thousands of photos, so I have to download one by one. very crazy. if I CAN donwload by folder, it just take few mins.

Yep… always wished that wix had a checkbox system like in gmail, or your photos on your phone even, but that could be a good #featurerequest

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@sewellstephens104 thanks for your feedback!