How to move object at another breakpoint? It seems like it got locked!

cannot move object in mobile version breakpoint.
very unresponsive!!!

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Can you explain a bit further and share the url please?

The same thing happens to me - quite often I might say.
For example:
I have a Container grid 4x1 ( desktop ) and when I go to mobile view I transformed it to a 1x4 grid but the elements got displaced. When I try to place them in the correct order, they go back to the position they were before, as like they were pinned there.

In another post, someone suggested to change layout setting on the inspector.
From Fixed to Fluid, etc… but it didn’t work.

Any other suggestions?

are you ding these actions y the dragging or by working with element position in inspector panel?
on mobile breakpoint it will take too much effort to position it by the dragging, so I think that the inspector should help
also, if you would like to position element in few cells, please try using shift button

if this still won’t help, please share the video here on actions you are doing

Thank you for your reply.
I am trying it all - dragging, changing the numbers on the inspector. Changing the object settings on the Primary view etc… I’ve tried it all.

could you share the video example?

Please check:

Were you able to see it? @andrew-taran-wix

yes, ticket was created to check this matter in detail, our Customer Care will update you on email

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