How to offer full service to its customers ? When you are an agency

Hello Wix,

I have a current problem to provide full service to my clients (as part of my agency).
Indeed, my business model means that my clients have “owner account” Wix in which they pay the premium package directly each year.

But now i would like to go to a full service, this implies that the customer pays a monthly cost for all the services (including the premium package) that we re-invoice and is therefore not in contact with the premium package part.

And with Wix Tool for partner i have a problem… apparently it is impossible :

I would therefore like that my clients are still their client space owners, but that the premium packages are taken care of by our agency

How to do that ?

Because in the end:

  • currently I realize that either you have to migrate the premium package to the customer’s account and this implies that the customer enters his bank details for the renewal which I do not want.

  • either what I ask is possible, but then the client must not own his client and administrator area, which is not possible.

For example, this problem does not exist with WordPress, because the customer is not in contact with the host…


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We tell users that we charge a yearly fee which includes all the cost that need to pay in the future. We won‘t mention what it actually includes. The fee will be used to pay for the WhatsApp support team, wix premium plan, and domains (sometimes we pay for premium apps or other tools as well). We add a markup of 30% so we can pay for some fee that is unexpectedly increased. This is treated as a promise to the customer and tell them we won’t charge any more yearly if you keep using the same tools and website.

Your answer doesn’t help me.
I am not asking for billing advice here, but I am talking about a technical problem .

If your client already has a wix website, and he wants for example to entrust you only with maintenance and not to pay the premium package (it is therefore you who does it for him) How do you manage his website?

His website is on your space or his ?
Because if it’s on your space, then the customer is no more than a contributor.
If it’s on his, that means the customer has your bank details!
There is therefore a problem.

If I understand correctly, what you are wanting to do is pay for everything associated with the site, but have your client as the owner of the site?

The way that I go about this is remaining as the owner of the site, and adding them as a custom role to the site (or one of the presets). This way, you remain the person in control, paying for everything associated with the site, but you can let your clients access the site and make changes.

I’ve attached a link to show you how to add contributors to the site. I hope that this helps

Hi !
This is exactly it.

But staying in control is dangerous for the customer.

Because we have clients who have several providers (who manage domain names, mailing campaigns …) and we have clients who have their own sites (made by them themselves) therefore their requests to migrate the ownership of their sites on our space and then put them administrators, for me it is legally wrong.

Our objective is not to “hold” the customer, but to support him.
It is necessary that Wix integrates my request, it will be useful to other partners.

No problem, always here to help. I hope that this may provide a work around for now.

I understand that this a frustrating situation, and can understand your point of view. Best of luck as you find a work around :slight_smile: