It is best to create the client's website on my WIX account, pay for it using their financial info then transfer to them?

Or should I create their WIX account, transfer the site and add their financial info on their autonomous account? The home page of the site is ready for nothing else. thanks for your input.

It looks like you asked the same question twice - So here is the link to where I answered it:

This is how i do it. I finish the site in my own wix account. Sometimes i even upgrade to premium and include the expense in my invoice. In the final launch after client has reviewed everything and approved, i transfer the site to client’s account when he has cleared my outstanding amount for the design.
you could complete the site in your account, transfer to client’s account when he clears your bill. Then the client could just upgrade to premium by himself through his account.

thanks! really helped to see multiple “right” ways to do it.


Few more things i want to say. Some times when my client does not own a wix account or they don’t want to go through the site transfer process or dont want to handle the billing for the wix premium, i just create an account for them using their email and add them as contributor to the site (giving admin access) so that they can stil use the wix dashboard. In such cases, i handle their annual billing and charge them for the wix plan along with the maintenance charges.

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@dee4charlotte Thanks!! I’ve done that in the past, too and it worked fine.

Thanks @dee4charlotte for helping our community!

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Feels good to share!

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@dee4charlotte This is community, we help each other :wink: Thanks for contributing!