How to reduce html file size?

I see on various seo optimizing sites that my html file size is huge. How do I reduce it?

It is not possible to manipulate Wix site files. The SEO sites are generalizing and their findings don’t necessarily apply.

For optimum results for your site, I would recommend reviewing the SEO documentation . If you need further details or clarification, you should contact Wix Customer Care .

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I don’t think SEO sites are generalizing. Overall I am not that satisfied with wix, the customer support is not working for me. When I press the “get started” button on the link you gave, it directs me to another link which does not load further. I also tried support center contact page but the same issue exists there too. Also, wix does not have live chat, which is disappointing.

@barbiesrapunzel I checked and Wix Customer Care is available and working just fine - not just for me, but traffic is normal and inquiries are being handled normally. Perhaps you are having network issues or a browser extension is interfering.

Hi Vesh, sadly you will go around in circles on this issue. My site gets flagged 33 times by Bing for the error - Too large an HTML size. Wix just doesn’t seem to care and just give their generic responses every single time either here or customer care, I even requested a callback. According to Wix EVERYONE else is wrong!!

@1010naitsirhc As you can see in my response to your other post regarding HTML size, there are complex issues involved which determines how Wix handles code bundles. Wix does not think that “EVERYONE else is wrong”, Wix is more concerned about what’s right for Wix, and how to best help our users be successful.

is there any news on this topic? I also see not only that seo pages tell me that the file size is too big but show me that wix is too slow. Which I assume is also regarding the file size that is too big as I have nothing special like animations or third party apps at my page. If Wix claims to be number 1 this has to be fixed. If Wix is not fixing this I will move to another host with bad experience in mind about wix as a product

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I just used Semrush site audit and it tells me every page on my site has low text to HTML ratio. It’s been two years since this subject has been addressed and nothing has improved. This is a crucial issue as it has a heavy bearing on search rankings and site speed. Why has Wix not done something to correct it?

Has there been any update or has anyone found anything out? We are about to launch a large-ish site on Wix but I am worried about the speed, as our current site seems to keep getting slower and slower…

You need to sort this out asap. Im getting SEO ranking issues for ‘Html size is too long’ and long loading speeds. I have optimised my images, no video and done all I can and still get this issue. Seriously its been a long time and not resolved. Will have to leave after over 10 years but this is seriously affecting my business now!

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Wix … it’s time to deal with this - HTML files are too large. I have a site that I need to rank high and the HTML file size is 116kb. Recommendations are for 50kb or less. When can we hope to see this issue resolved?

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