I am having trouble connecting my business mail

Hello, am trying to set up Zoho business mail, my website mombasaeaglesfc.com is hosted by Wix but the domain is hosted by truehost.co.ke .The domain is connected to Wix through name servers which, according to wix https://support.wix.com/en/article/adding-dns-records-in-your-wix-account, it’s possible to DNS Records through my Wix account.

Strange enough, when l try to access the domains page for management of the Dns records in order to verify my domain with Zoho,

l can’t even see the domain settings.
Kindy assist on how l can go about.

Hello Ramsay,

The option to add DNS records is probably for domains you have purchased from WIX. Since your since your domain is hosted by Truehost the only place to change the domain name servers would be on Truehost.

So basically you need to follow the Configuring MX Records steps on this page: https://www.zoho.com/mail/help/adminconsole/configure-email-delivery.html

Without choosing the WIX option since your MX records can be changed via Truehost.

Hey but Wix clearly indicated that it’s possible to connect mail box for domains purchased outside Wix About Mailboxes | Help Center | Wix.com .
My domain is connected via nameservers which Wix supports.

If you’ve connected your domain via pointing these directions do not apply . Contact your domain host to add the MX records in their account, as they control your DNS records.

From my understanding and your fist message, it seems like you have decided to use Zoho business mail as opposed to WIX / Google Gsuite for your email requirements.

l did not connect through pointing ,l clearly connected through the changing of nameservers which clearly Wix indicates that it’s possible

IMO… Changing of nameservers is pointing.

Then why would Wix include different instruction settings for each if they are the same??

Hi Ramsey, if you’re connected via nameservers you’ll need to get your MX records from Zoho in order to properly connect your mailbox with us.

This article will provide you with additional steps.

Connecting Email Purchased Outside of Wix

If your require further assistance with this, contact our customer care team!

Hi Ramsey, I’m also buy mail from ZOHO… simple go to zoho control panel follow the steps and please chnage your mx records in your truehost domain account.

if you login truehost account you see an option for manage DNS and Txt record. Thank you.

if you buy domain through wix you can change mx records in your wix account iteslf but in this case you have to do it in truehost domain account eventhough you made a pointing.